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Independence, MO


Custom Home Design from Independence, MO to Overland Park, KS

custom home designHave you been spending countless hours looking through house plans in magazines and on line? Do you have a box full of magazine articles and pictures of things you like, but you can’t find a plan which incorporates all these things and also works with the lot or acreage you fell in love with? You may be suffering from ULSAFS (unfulfilled life-style anemic frustration syndrome) and we at the Architects have the natural medicine you need for this disease!

So many plans we have seen were created by designers who were catering to a mass market and are sold in bulk. If you like aspects of certain plans we can take them as a guide and fix them to better fit your needs and your property. But what may serve you better is if you allow Browne, Roy E. Architect & Associates to use your collected files and ideas to define YOUR life-style in architectural terms and create a home which fits your family and property from Independence, MO to Overland Park, KS, like a glove. Like custom violin luthiers, we enjoy building a few wonderful instruments by hand and avoid mass production.

Our Uniqueness

custom home design architectOur Team Leader, Roy Browne, is a “Renaissance Man.” Before he entered the School of Architecture and Urban Design, for which he earned the Outstanding Thesis Award, he had a degree in the Social Sciences. This has given him a special ability to better “read your play” before he helps you “set the stage” with design which enhances YOUR life-style. In addition to professional membership in NCARB, which allows him to be licensed in other states besides Missouri and Kansas, he maintains membership in NARI. He is a Commissioner and belongs to Rotary International. Goethe said “music is liquid architecture; architecture is frozen music.” So appropriately, Roy, with his musical heritage, is also a musician who plays in the Heritage Philharmonic Orchestra and has played with other groups, including in Branson, MO.

Why not let Browne, Roy E. Architect & Associates enhance you your life-style with Energy-Efficient, Custom Created Architecture flavored with music! Call us today!